Our company was founded in 1986 and specialises in technical work in the field of analytical instrumentation.
We offer the following for service, products and custom-made products:

Anton Cech  /  Technical Service was founded in 1986 and is specialised in repairs, adaptations and custom-made products as well as sales and repair of spare parts no longer available in the field of analytical measuring and laboratory equipment. Recently we have started to sell used GC / GC-MS equipment and are therefore always looking for equipment.
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We offer

technical work in the area of analytical measurement technology on site as well as in our workshop

  • Installation of systems,
  • Instruction and training on site
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Service and maintenance, also within the framework of maintenance contracts
  • Acceptance of orders for the relocation of equipment
  • Custom-made system as well as adaptations Modifications in accordance with the user
  • Maintenance of analytical application programmes and software
  • Exchange / upgrade of computer hardware
  • Complete service for laboratory data systems
  • electronic & mechanical custom-made products
  • Repairs of no longer supported equipment (obsolete instruments)

Purpose built items

We offer electronic and mechanical design and manufacture of device parts, auxiliary devices and
small devices for special applications.

Examples of customised products:

  •  universal permeation tube holder
  • transportable FID
  • automated gas chromatographs
  • GC MS interface
  • signal multiplexers
  • control units for measurement control and data acquisition
  • special modules for IR measurement
  • Measuring device for sound insulation of building materials
  • Permeation measuring device for building materials of high temperatures
  • Special injectors for gas chromatography
  • Modifications of sample injectors for special applications
    Sample trays for special containers heated or cooled
  • Manufacture of special fittings and transitions
  • Manufacture of spare parts that are no longer available


  • Complete service for laboratory data systems
  • Disaster recovery strategies for your analytical instruments PC infrastructure
  • Development, implementation, execution and validation of concepts for data security
    and fail-safe concepts for the analyser PC infrastructure
  • Reprocurement/replacement/upgrade of PC hardware
  • Recovery of analytical PCs – operating system and applications (also on changed
  • Preventive maintenance – creation and validation of data backups and PC images
  • migration, transformation of application programmes or applications (upgrades to downward compatible
    operating systems)
  • Virtualisation of applications
  • OS: Desktop and Server System
  • MS-DOS, Windows, Windows 95/98, WinNt 3.51, 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server
    2003, Windows, Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows8
  • Development of individual application programmes
  • Measurement data acquisition, control, process control, regulation
  • Manufacturer/device-related applications or applications

(Thermo -) Xcalibur
(Euroglas/Thermo -) Theus
(Euroglas/Thermo -) ECS
(Trace Elemental Instruments -) TEIS
(Thermo -) Prolink
(Thermo -) Eager
(Biochrom -) EzChrom